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Photo Albums
Q: How do I attach photos to the pages of my photo album?
A: Our leather photo albums have traditional scrapbook style pages made of thick card stock paper. This means that the pages are like a blank canvas, and the photos should be attached with some sort of picture mounts. Most of our customers find that mounting squares are the easiest way to attach photos to the album. Photo corners are also another option that works well if you want to be able to remove the photos later on. Double sided tape or glue sticks are also very easy and inexpensive ways to mount your photos.

Custom Orders
Q: Can I make a custom order, or have my item personalized?
A: We do not offer custom made or personalized items. For personalizing, most customers choose to take the item to their local engraving shop where they can personalize the item for your very quickly and inexpensively.

Available Sizes, Colors, and Styles
Q: Do you have other sizes, colors, or styles available?
A: All sizes, colors, and styles that are available are shown here on our website. We do not offer custom sizes.

Paper & Refills
Q: Where can I buy paper refills for your refillable leather journals & sketchbooks?
A: You can find our paper refills HERE.

Q: Is the paper in your journals and photo albums acid free archival quality?
A: Yes! The paper in our journals and photo albums is acid free, archival quality paper. This means that your writings or drawings will not fade and the paper will not yellow over time like lower quality papers do. Your writing and sketches will be preserved for many years to come.

Q: What is your paper made of?
A: Our paper is hand made from 100% cotton, making it completely tree free.

Leather Conditioners & Scuffs
Q: Should I apply leather conditioner or polish to my item?
A: We don't recommend that you apply anything to the leather, as leather conditioner products can have very unpredictable results. Every time you handle the leather, the natural oils from your hands will rub off on the leather, and that is all the "leather conditioner" you will ever need.

Q: What about scuffs on the leather?
A: If you get a scratch or scuff, you can just rub it in with your finger or a damp soft cloth. There is no leather treatment product that can prevent scuffs. Genuine leather will always develop character and change over time.

Return Policy
We have a 30 day return policy. You can review the full return policy here.

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